The Waters of the Jerlon

“Come forth lovely lad and sing of the finest days
when the sea was still and the southern wind
sped ships to northern shores and ports of call
safe landing and peaceful trade
these soft travelers did rejoice

“The River Jerlon is long and wide
and many a man has drowned in his swim
for you cannot reach the other side
no tall sails will bring you in

“The sea is great with gales and waves
but flat as stone on many a day
the River Jerlon is filled with rage
no ocean man could mark her twain

“They boast and crow of all the ports
exotic lands some warned some mild
but the ocean is not bound with forts
to watch the river running wild

“Up and down and down and up
a sea captain would currents chase
a waterfall unlikely bluff
the current swift will win the race

“A galley full of honest men
dropped a hundred feet times ten
would make a sorry ship of them
in sharp lands with angry wind

“So ring your bells and turn around
you cannot venture up this blue
set high your sails that proudly swell
turn your tails avoiding doom

“The River Jerlon is long and wide
but Rivermen can catch her stride
down and up and up and down
where foolish saltys come to drown

“They know they cannot pass the test
River Jerlon is a living hell
they know that Riverfolk are best
those who live with tales to tell

“So when you find yourself at sea
boasting sailor at the inn
remember you can not be me
unless you grow a pair of fins

“But even then you’d lose your way
star-gazing on a one way path
in shallows bent or worse I pray
should you test the River’s wrath

“Rivermen are strong and tall
we know the truth of Great Jerlon
the strongest waters known to man
that only we can understand

“They know they cannot pass the test
River Jerlon gives us life
they know that Riverfolk are blessed
the River keeps us strong”

Populare smallfolk song in the transition of 3rd to 4th age era JAE
Song Attributed to: Buckland Striker – a ranger/poet riverman guide upon the Jerlon –
© ‘The Waters of the Jerlon’ by B. Striker – all rights reserved.
Graciously reprinted here with the writer’s permission.

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The Waters of the Jerlon

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