Shards of Argyle (sword)

Argyle – Shards of,
Long Sword: broken into several peices upon the fusing of the Octagon by Bishop Crowe, the Great Druid of Eralfast. Only Bishop Crowe knows were the actual Shards of Argyle are hidden, and how many Shards exist. It is believed the druid seperated the shards to diverse places (and possibly even different places in time) to ensure future generations would not attempt to restore or re-magic this ‘demon killer & godsbane’ weapon.

Artifact quality weapon – now destroyed and in ‘Shards.’
once the most powerful weapon and single peiced magical item in existance on the World of Eralfast, the sword was broken intentionally to seal the eight peices of the gem called Octagon.

The powers of the ‘shards’ are unknown, but Bishop Crowe (and others in the final party) detected that shards possessed great magical radiance even after the sword was broken.

History of the Shards of Argyle is very limited. The sword was only destroyed about month before this history was scribed. History of the weapon itself is extensive and will be listed elsewhere when necessary.

Shards of Argyle (sword)

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