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Current information: The “Octagon” is a magical artifact quality gem of priceless value. It is red-hued with black veins. Simply put: the gem is the most powerful magical item in known existance – including among off world and the outer planes. It is revered, respected, lusted after, and sometimes feared by Gods!! The gem was once broken into 8 shards or peices – each representing an aspect of one of the gem’s creators – Gods from beyond the prime material plains who allied with counter-part dieties of Eralfast proper (Native or “prime” Gods.) Each of the 8 shards were considered Artifact quality magical devices in their own right – each shard contained remarkable power – power which grew exponentially as other peices of the gem were placed back together. This would suggest while 1 major rare artifact is exceptional, 8 combined is supreme peice of magic. Yet with the ‘gaining’ of power with each shard replaced the Octagon is not just 8 times more powerful than a major artifact is actually 8 X8 (as each shard is thus enhanced) so now that all 8 peices are combined into one the power (in comparison to any deity class major artifact) is about 64 to the power 8 times more powerful. (This would suggest to the casual wizard/preist the gem is more powerful than several major dieties combined – probably more than 500)

The 8 peices of the gem were recently fused together reforming the original one solid artifact of untold power. As the gem was majiked by multiple deities in a rare moment of cooperation it is unknown how it would function now that the elements / aspects have been restored as a unified whole. The Octagon gem has many names in different cultures, and is indeed known off this prime world by even more names. It is reputed using the name of the Gem can invoke response. It is unknown if the artifact is a living entity.(The term: “Octagon” is slang – a common tongue reference to the 8 shards.) The gem currently is sitting on its ‘base’ foundation atop a mountain near Dunnebrooke in the eastern lands beyond the Allysian claims of the 3rd age. (formally called The Red Lands.) The gem is fused solidly with the base stone of the mountain peak and cannot be removed – it is unlikely even a major diety could remove the gem but this theory has not been tested. The area is considered ‘forbidden’ by all law, decree or spiritual dictate (be they either good or evil.) Four (4) ‘cornerstones’ of the four extremes of alignments (good, evil, law, chaos) serve as sentinels / guardians of the Octagon. They are immortal.

Decree of Parnassus: A penalty set by the native Gods and the Omni creators has been established for those who would attempt to disrupt or disturb the gem. The penalty is non-existance both spiritual and corporeal. This high law (with the collective powers behind it to enforce it) includes all forms of ‘life’ … not limited to mortals. Undead, etheral, immortal, demoniod or angelic, alien, or any form or ‘off world’ or outer planar creature is subject to this decree. The decree should be considered a ‘God Law’ – without exceptions.

History: Extensive and to be updated as notes are recovered and utilized.


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