Sometimes mistakenly called “The Nogra” as they live in packs and seldom live alone. The term Nogra is used both singular and plural.

Number Encountered: 3 to 12 (or more)
Size: Medium (wolf or wildcat size)
HD: 6 (d8)
Move: 60 feet
AC: 15
Attacks: 4 Claw (1d4) 1 Bite (1d6) + Rending (see special)
Rend – w/two claw hits the back two legs can rend for 1d8 each (two rends per round only)
Blink – as Blink Dog
Dimension Door (advanced) – as the Spell but without duration or limitation
Hide in Shadow – +50 modifier
Move Silent – +50 modifier
Spiderlike Movement – ability to walk on any solid surface, even upside down, at normal move rate
Telepathy – limited
Spell Resistance – 75%
Weakness to bright lights – 1/2 movement in normal light. 1/4 movement and no attacks allowed in full daylight (they will flee daylight)
Saves: M,P (see special)
Int: Average (often lower)
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Magical Beast

Treasure: DM discretion required (usually none)
XP: DM discretion required

THE NOGRA are magical creatures that are a great enigma and mystery on the world. Little is known of their origin or purpose. Nogra resemble large wild cats with short legs that keep their bodies low to the ground. Nogra have six legs – the front four are all of equal porportion; the back two are slightly larger. They have long claws on each footpad, and short but sharp fangs in their mouths. Nogra are covered with sleek, cat-like fur that is almost always black or dark grey or brown. (Albino Nogra are extremely rare and usually have more magical powers). Nogra have large expressive cat slit eyes that shine a reddish colour when exposed to light. They are capable of rudementary speech and have limited telepathy (empathy to emotions).

Nogra are extremely well balanced and poised while in dark or dim settings. In normal light movement is half. They shun daylight. They can glide atop snow and ice, climb sheer walls or trees or rough cave faces. They cannot walk on top water or other fluids (but they do swim w/o any movement penalty). Nogra are not impeded by mud, swamps, most weather conditions or like movement hazards. In addition to spell resistance Nogra are immune to any type of hold spells, including charms and entangles (they can be trapped by physical situations – i.e; caged – but they will quickly escape via blink or dimension door.)

While capable of dimensional travel Nogra are native beings of Eralfast. Despite living in trans-dimensional tunnels with links to astral and etheral pathways Nogra cannot venture more than 15 feet into another plane of existance. (If they do, or are somehow forced to – they will instantly blink back into a Nogra Hole. This applies whether the creature is awake, unconscious or even dead.)

They live in ‘Nogra Holes’ -

Credit for the concept of Nogra comes from an old Dragon Magazine idea that was adapted
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