Ntel Meryth
N’tel Meryth (2175 JAE) was a Wild Elf of the Eiresor tribe of Corman-Thor forest. A noted member of the wizard clan ‘Tel-Kasir’ (“The People” in Findar Elvish), Meryth was also a follower of the goddess Mystra. He invented magical spells while living among the Sylvan tribes in Ky’La. Meryth was a merry wild soul, and several of his spells indicate a fondness for drink, smoke and tricks. Spells created by Meryth can be cast by wizards, sorcerers, bards and witches only.

Meryth’s Cantrips
1. Contrary Statement.
DC Will negates. Target (range of 20 feet touch attack). Target will say “NO” while intending to say “YES” (or visa versa.)
2. Read Cards.
Up to 3 decks of normal playing cards at time. Caster must roll verse intelligence. If successful, caster will have advantage in card related games or situations (10 to bluff or related skill to give caster the advantage.)
3. Smokeless Tobacco.
Pipe or rolled, cantrip causes normal tobacco to burn without smoke for one minute per caster level. The tobacco will still emit a slight glow where it is lit.
4. Melt Ice Cube.
Normal ice cube will dissolve in one round (under 6 seconds) on touch. 1 cube per level.
5. Razor Teeth.
One round per level the caster will have razor sharp teeth that can cut, snip or slice material that can normally be damaged by a razor. Can cause 1d2 damage if used to bite.
6. Double Snap.
Caster snaps his/her fingers and the sound is repeated in the same location 10 seconds later. (It doesn’t matter if the caster leaves the area.)
7. Red – Blue – Purple.
Elvish ‘war paint’ style make-up will appear on the caster’s face for one round per caster level.
8. Floating Wine Skin.
A water/wine skin will open and pour into caster’s mouth (or ally) at a 2 foot range. *Water/wine or even a potion, must be stored in the skin ahead of time.
9. Mouse.
A quick mouse illusion will appear and dash in one movement about a room or area. A DC Will check negates – otherwise anyone seeing the mouse is ‘dazed’ for one round. The idea is to distract someone with a sudden mouse movement. The mouse will last as many rounds as the caster’s level.
10. Tear Drop.
Self created actual tear drop will spill from caster’s eye. One tear per caster level. This could prove useful in feigning sadness, but perhaps has other uses. (
5 to bluff check if applicable).

Meryth’s Level One Spells
1. Create Caltrops. (Alteration)
A set of normal caltrops appear in a 5 foot radius within 20 feet of the caster. The 5 foot radius is expanded by 5 feet every 2 caster levels. Duration of one round per caster level.
2. Meryth’s Instant Cigar.
A lit cigar will appear in the caster’s hand. It is good cigar, and it can also be used to light things on fire. (As a normal cigar.) Duration is 1 minute per caster level.
3. Meryth’s Whiskey Finger.
Caster can create from his finger tip a full shot of 80 proof whiskey (the good stuff!) Duration is permanent if the whiskey isn’t drank .. but will evaporate over time as normal whiskey. Caster can create 1 shot (one ounce) per caster level.
4. Razor Nails.
Caster’s fingernails and toenail become sharp as razors and may be used to cut, slash, snip, etc… as if caster had scissor hands and feet. Duration is one round per level. Spell allows for one attack per round – damage is 1d4.

Meryth’s Level Two Spells
1. Razor Flesh. (Variation of Mage Armor)
Caster’s body is covered with invisible razor like blades that will cause 1d6 damage to any creature or person physically attacking him (i.e; using hands, paws, fists, bites, or other natural attacks.) Caster also gets +4 to Armor Class. Duration is 1 minute per caster level.
2. Vacuum Seal.
In pre-designed pottery, glass or metal tubes (the size of a scroll case or smaller) the caster can ‘vacuum seal’ the contents. Duration is permanent until the seal is broken – which is as simple as popping off the cork or seal. Items in a ‘vacuum seal’ will stay fresh, will not age or decay, and will maintain any temperature it was originally set at when deposited into the sealed item. (Sort of like a super thermos – but likely to have other creative uses.)

Meryth’s Level Three Spells
1. Knuckle Rap.
Knuckle Rap will maim one target attacked so they cannot use their hands. Range: 30 feet. Duration: 1 round per caster level. DC: Fortitude – if save fails the target cannot use their hands, similar to extreme gout or arthritis the fingers will curl up painfully preventing the target from carrying anything (weapons, wands, etc…)- they will drop anything in their hands. Knuckle Rap also makes it impossible for a spell caster to use gestures (semantics) to cast certain spells. If the DC check is made target will have – 5 to all attacks or other skill checks associated with hand use; such as tying something or using a lock pick set. Targeted spell casters must make an additional DC check to see if they can manage to cast any spells. This is a bad ass spell that saved Meryth on several occasions. It also really pissed off several wizards and knights. (Which may also explain why he only lived 200 years and never got around to making more spells.)

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