General Information:
The strange and powerful Kzinti people are unique on Eralfast. They are an ‘outer planar’ race. Simply put that means they are from another Prime Material Plane (another planet, if you will.) Eralfast proved adaptable to them many thousands of years ago. Legend suggests they were stranded, left for dead … none have ever returned for them. Whatever their origins they are a large tiger and catlike humanoid race usually characterized by overt aggression. Kzinti are deceptive in that they appear almost as barbarians in behavior but some shrewdly practice all magical arts and a few ‘native’ tricks of their own. Kzinti cannot be a preist, witch, cleric or druid, but may use any other class, including practicing magical arts. They do, however, most often favor swordplay and enjoy the arena. They are large and strong. They are civilised to an extent. (Probably by choice) They are generally considered dangerous, and usually keep to themselves. But they do occasionally join non-Kzinti if it appears to be of mutual benefit. They are feared but also deemed unorganized by other peoples. A Kzinti Phlanx – or “war-grue” is widely considered the most sophisticated war maneuver in the history of open battle. Kzinit excell as inventors and alchemists. They have many unique spells and crafts that are unique only to their culture and professions.

What is Kzinti:
They are a magnificeint intelligent strong race. Tall (around 6’3’’ average) and feirce looking with a great cat head that is most often Tiger-Like. They have sleek and strong humanoid bodies and sometimes have tails. They have light & thin fur on their bodies. Not all Kzinti faces/heads resemble Tigers, but it is by far the most common (80%). The PC can opt within the feline realm to use any cat type large or small to style a Kzinti character. Kzinti should expect racial prejudice often when they venture from their land. People fear them as they are too freaky looking. This can cause trouble in some (many) places. The PC should be prepared for additional challenges, gossip, lingering guards or court officials, whenever they venture from Kzin.

Kzinti by the numbers

Geographical Information:
The Kzinti only live in the Kzinti Lands in the region called Kzin. All Kzinti come from Kzin.
They have made some interesting cities but they live a temporal lifestyle. Despite so many thousands of years they have built basically nothing. Nothing strong and lasting save a few shrines and bridges. They are clearly capable of wonderous craftsmanship and design, etc… they just are only rarely interested. They remained neutral and uninvolved in the recent wars .. including the Red Lands and human wars. (The Kzin lands were affected by the wars - they were not spared the recent catastrohpe.)

Technology Notes:
The Kzinti have fabricated unique devices that stretch the limits of normal technology in the Eralfast game setting. Most of these items are considered artifacts within Kzin culture.

Kzinti do not have a god or any mythos they adhere to. They are essentially an ‘atheist’ race despite ample evidence that higher being do exist – as evidenced by the God Wars. They refuse to worship any alternate philosophy and rely on impirical fact (sciences.) They cannot be clerics, paladins, black guards, preists, witches, or druids as a result.

Local Charm:
A well known Jerlon joke about Kzinti goes like this … “A Kzinti would never drink your last beer, but he would fuck your wife.” OR … (in more hushed tones) “Thank the gods when they dropped that swarm of cats on the world they forgot to command it to do anything.”

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