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Eralfast ‘The Crossroads’

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The once beautiful world of Eralfast is now, at the dawn of the Fourth Age, a smoldering ruin in the wake of the great cataclysm wrought by the wars of the gods. Millions have died, and the survivors left face the challenge of rebuilding the world anew from the ashes of the old. The entire world has suffered a great insult and many areas have been reduced to a devastated wasteland. New heroes are needed to help the people recover from the unthinkable destruction of entire cities and nations. The Oracles call of ‘rebirth’ and sing the stars themselves reveal a new apocalypse. Who will rise up to defend the weak and wounded? Who will bring hope to the huddled masses that remain of mortal light?
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Thank you for exploring this campaign setting. This is an ongoing process, and the scribe will continue to expand upon painting the picture of the Eralfast history, geography, and inhabitants.
The World is Yours!

Journal of the current table top adventure in Eralfast
Scribe notes of Lurna of Tithus
Journal of Lurna Part Two

Eralfast ‘The Crossroads’ 4th Age Extended Lore
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Eralfast "The Crossroads"

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