The Book of Dreams

A mysterious book found in the Ruins of Falamaar. These are fragments a few literate party members have understood. There are more pages to explore but this has been extrapolated thus far.

I.(1): "Thee Twins and their Sister stood proud – Delidor and Rhashane – she called “Blue-Flower” for the three leafed blue Ginelliad upon the Great Sea islands. A rare beauty seldome see by eyes of mortal men. Petals three, each fronde shaped as a blade. Mined in old Minnoren, by the Knorick, of mithral and the black-vein. Shipped to fair Cymador – thus forged – hardened – and sharpened deepe (&) with grate enchantment (&) Elvish wizardry." One stole upon it in bad fate – for the Ginelliad could not lye together; nor could the Elves. Jealously and rage did boil.

I. (2): Varuna of many Names – High Elf king of Old woode {Ky’La Forest} – a very old king; before man and yet even after. “Aidelefog” or “The King of Bells” – “Greysword” – "

I. (2.4): Ny’Telle of many Names – First Queen of Drow – “The Queen Who Fled” – “Dark-Mother” – “Sylver Quine” – “The Violet Veil” (CJEA) – "

I. (3): Pergamon – The last King of Falamaar. (a strong human of Ur upon the Volda)
I. (3.4): Lady Vanyce – The last Queen of Falamaar. (a human princess of Kadath) – ‘the Water Queene’ – ‘the lady who wept’ – ‘the ladie of the lake’

I. (?) .. Recurring “L” and “Z” symbyls that over-lap.

(burned or defaced paper)

III. (4): OF Seven Demons / the Dreams of En Lil ."I did wake into a dream of war and darkness … elves murdering themselves in vast armies … men meddlung in the coridors … stay out stay out ! cryeth the wise (5): Yet the king offers is right hande to the Fey; another king does the same – and the angry ryvers rose … (7): did reign fire and curses upon the flooded lands … and all cowered beneath dragons … a first ruin … a ruin … so many more cryeth … ‘stay out’. On a tall mountain towering above thee sea I did seeth seven furies … they crawled up from out of the darke lake. (8): Pity pity upon the world … so many roads. /burned or defaced/ (9): And i saw theme and ai named them . Ea hallama Mitra .And they were trapped forever unto theyre distruction.
1) Nu-Apep
2) Kerhet (fm)
3) Lachmu
4) Anshar
5) Nadimnin (fm)
6) Praja (fm)
7) Lugal / he who ‘binds’

III. (13): “Seat at moon below hanging gardens, the tablets speak magik. Volda flood .. wrath an angre. The watre flows downe and fills the sea. This once paradize … with two rivers frome the north feeding it. Flood flood and ruin. The north rivers a maddness. The isles and cities on the Volda lake .. just much smaller .. the Rivers . the Soul . the Blessing … (&) Sal Kalama, ruler of the Land falls to the Bel Lord En LIl.”

III. (16): “Doom in contract and doom in false. Betrayal. Teluvian trap. The little book holds more truth than lies. Beware. Be wary.”

(fluttered burned – missing pages)

VII. (3): “From Ashes a Pheonix rises.”

(Etc… ruined)

VIII. (8): “…(f?);lute that edged a dragon to repose; but quicke .. serve you all dayz .. this fyre and steam and poysin smoke …all the armys fell and broken .. Faus … Thryndul .. Greyback .. (&) Horde … set ice and steam and fyre and ruin of wyrm”

IX. (2): ‘salt .. salt .. we will salt the enemy’
(4): A griffon with white wings .. "Nu Apep will bring the flood, Kerhet will lace it with wrath and hate; Lachmu .

(burned/defaced pages)

XII. (3): Praja ! i … the vision .. it is painful .. the world will fall .. and face a great destruction .. demons will rise and the dead will walke the lands. They will will all awake! Es doom . the world will fall.

XII. (7): The world explodes into war.

XIII. (1): Towers built upon the water. Towers proud upon the Volda. Greene and blacke and blue and Golden stood the towers four. The north tower Green a watchman ever seeking minions of Ky’la or the Dar’la Elves or Fey from the haunted woods. Creept south to Falamaar to due injury; they are the friends of our enemy and the enemy of our friends! (1.2) Tower green wil not fall! The oracles have spoken: "It will never bow or break but only be subjectgaeted from within. For good or for ill Greene Tower will stand for as long as the world spnz… (faded) ().s (spins)?

XIII. (2.4): A tower of deep Blue. High high upon the Volda. A beautiful tower of 17 tiers. Nestlings for dragons of any colour! The pride of Falamaar. Proud upon the Volda. The high seat of the preist-kings who bowed only to the throne of Ur’uk or to theyre gods. Vanity and pride brought the tower blue low. unto depths of (lost) … <pages>

XIII. (4.4): ….and then will fall into the sea a cursed ruin .. keeps its secrets .. lost .. an evil future for Tower Black .. (?) ‘memememe’ <fragments>
(5): .. of Golden .. ‘road’ the tower of the path the al alaq . the first revelation … the …

XIV. (2.7): … she that is to whore of dragons … vile .. ‘vile,’ cry the oracles, yet the people bow in awe and fear and serve every whim or demand the dragon-whore proclaims. (2.8): God slayne and goddess fled. She who eats the world feasts upon the lost souls of Falamaar. Tiamet nests upon the isles; she takes many forms and lovers. (2.9): … the beast of ruination. Deception. Betrayelle. Death from within and without. Poison spread among the isles and roads. <burned> (2.14?): … he (?) said the this dragon queen must die so the people will walke free. and doth vanquish and vanish she from the worlde with a … (?) <lost> slayer and doomed? Magik word? Magik Sword? (a hero defeated the dragon)
(3.2): .. a yeh but she did return after 100 years of banishment and did punish greately those who insulted her. Most were dead by years so she punished their heirs and house for generations.

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The Book of Dreams

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