Religions of Eralfast

Relgious activity is very divers on Eralfast. There are 9 (nine) native “Prime” gods that represent the full range of alignment for Eralfast. Gods from the outer planes “Astral” gods also sponsor clerics, faiths and preisthoods among the peoples. The “Astral” gods used are found in classical mythology. (Many deities were previously outlined in past D&D literature and won’t be expanded on here … these books offer good templates, but gods are probably about 100 times more powerful in the estimation of the scribe.)

Since the Eralfast Ragnarock just happened much of the devastation to the gods and to their followers hasn’t been totally determined. The dust is still settling in the wake of the great catastrophe. Many deities died or were banished from the world as result of the war (see God Wars below for more details).

Due to the nature of Eralfast being a ‘hub world’ filled with astral tethers and other passageways, naturally the orb has attracted the attention of many powerful beings over history. This includes both benign and evil forces. The lists below will shed light on “Prime” or native religions as well as the most common popular “Astral” gods.

Human faith is the most divers in the world covering all schemes from both good to evil. Cultural traditions often indicate the pantheon of gods a human nation or tribe will have affinity for. When reading about the various Nations, Kingdoms, Tribes, and Cities, it will be indicated what religious orders or gods are most popular in any given region.

Non Human worshippers generally prefer their own racial or cultural traditions as well, but may worship any god they select. Religious notes are provided under ‘race notes’ for each non human option.

God Wars The Eralfast Ragnarock
The Light Followers and ‘Knights of the Light’ – Cult of Iansean.
The Lysergic Circle
Druidic Orders – see Druid
Witch Covens and Orders – see Witch
The Prime gods of Eralfast
Popular Astral gods

A religious choice is NOT required unless the PC calls upon such powers as an ability. All paladins, clerics, etc… will select a specific deity and pantheon. All other PC’s may elect to ignore following any god or order. Some races overtly refuse worship, and are restricted in class choices.

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Religions of Eralfast

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