Race Notes

Race Notes

In this section you will find links to the various races allowed as PCs in Eralfast. These are general outlines and guides. Players are encouraged to ‘bend the rules’ and create their own backstories but these general overviews are intended to add useful insight and information.

Click the appropriate link based upon the Race you wish to learn more about.

Half Elves
Other PC Race Options

Each race is outlined into sub-races (if applicable.) General information, physical description, statistics and needed game mechanics, geographical notes, and outlines of religious practice are included when additional information seemed indicated. Other (special and/or unique) information is provided as needed.

New Sub-races:
The description, history, and other information (including expanded Local Charm) is provided when new or exotic race options are presented. Not all race information is so expansive and normal rules apply. For additional information regarding ‘sub-races’ or tribes please visit with the DM (if desired) to establish PC history and background.

Local Charm
Also included in some categories are “LOCAL CHARM” entries designed to add some colour and historical insight into the lessor known or more remote/mysterious of races.

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Race Notes

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