Pit Medicine

In Allysia before the wars, Gladiator contests were a thriving spectacle, drawing rich and poor to many arenas. Enemies, spies, traitors, among the entirely innocent, were sacrificed in meaningless contest. Blood sport. The pits were lethal. But as the noblemen and women of Ellysia took great pride in their ‘teams’, some investment was made to ensure survivors were right as rain by the next event. Quick battle useful medicines and enhancements of herbal or Fey nature were perfected over the years. This is the Pit medicine. Unlike normal herbs, the use of Pit Medicine happens instantaneously. Unless it must be brewed as tea, the healing effect takes place in the round it is used.

Ten of them are listed here.

Rare (uncommon – if only inside Aellysian imperial decree)
Blue Mallow. Warmer. Cures 2d6. (x2 cure on cold damage)
Balm of Daelig. Cures paralysis. (in 3 rounds)
Karmon Spice. Add up to 4 – established by a random d4 roll – , dropping AC to equal the attack bonus. Under effect an archer or slinger or any ranged weapon has extreme focus, but loss of self protection. (Trade AC for attack bonsus.) One dose of Karmon Spice lasts 1d41 melee rounds. Used as a snuff – breath a pinch up the nose.
Plain Avensroot. Cures 1d10+6.
White Birch Tea. (as Tea only) … cures disease.
Marjoram. Removes charms and enchantments. (smoked and blown in eyes of entranced)
Fey Gensig. Dark Vision for 2 hours.
Ninteng Tea. (as Tea only) … cures poison.
Master’s Wort. (as Tea only) … adds +1 constitution for 2 hours. (once daily)
Quince Salve. Cures blindness of magical or other non natural cause (still takes 50 hours). Quince does NOT restore eyes if they are destroyed, such as burned, poked out, etc… but will restore vision if an otherwise healthy eye is ‘blurred’ or ‘darkened’ by enchantment, curse, or other magical insults.

Extremely Rare
Bull Avensroot. Cures 1d20+10 – adds 2 attack/damage for 20 melee rounds.
Stag Avensroot. Cures 1d10
6 – regenerates lost limbs, eyes, etc… in 24 hours.
Shade Floss.

As Tea Only – 1/2 hour to brew tea
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Pit Medicine

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