Notes on Dates JAE system

Proper time and dates in Eralfast

The JAE system: “JAE” is the agreed upon international dating system established near the end of the ancient Elder Days with the founding of Jerlon. As the Great Sea journey was usually an undertaking of many months the ‘old’ form Ellysien Numeral (EN) dating system was abandoned in order to achieve universal accurate date stamping within the ever expanding Alysian Imperial Territories. In very old texts the ancient Ellysien system may still be found. In the EN year of 1834 the JAE calendar was created – this essentially is the benchmark that ended the so-called “Elder Days” and started the First Age. The first year was called: 11 JAE. (1 for First Age, 1 for first year) … this can be broken down to signify month and day also. The PC should note ‘dating systems’ are used for game colour and to assist in adventure histories. The DM should not expect PCs to follow or memorize the days and months listed below. In the event of a time-shift (as has been known to happen on Eralfast) understanding the basics may prove useful.

The current date is 41 (age/year) – 9 (month) – 6 (day)
41-9-6 JAE
See below.

J=Jerlon, A=Alysia, E=Era

Eralfast has 12 months in a year and averaging 30 days to each month. They observe a standard week of 7 days. Each day is 24 hours long. Here are the translated days:
Monday = Xamsday
Tuesday = Ghunday
Wednesday =
Thursday =
Friday =
Saturday =
Sunday =

The 12 months are called:
1. Almsgiving (January)
2. Apollodian (February)
3. Verdonna (March)
4. Rain (April)
5. Isisay (May)
6. Goldseed (June)
7. Swan (July)
8. Fuege (August)
9. Highcrest (September)
10. Reaprest (October)
11. Odinion (November)
12. Middlemoose (December)

There is no formal method for naming a certain year. Not all years are named. Significant years earned a name depending upon events or other happenings of note in the JAE sphere of influence.

Not all cultures follow or observe the JAE dating system. Other human tribes and more distant parts of the globe have their own system of dates. Most non-human cultures are usually aware of the JAE system and will use it when dealing with humans, but they have their own systems as well. For example, the current date is Yvallyll 8,990.19.007 (in a rough true common translation of the High Elf.) Gnomes have a very elaborate system of telling time and minding dates. They have great skill in making human ready time-peices and understand the JAE system as laughably child-like. Gnomes see many flaws in the JAE system as the humans do not fully appreciate the subtle waverings in time and space. According to the Gnomish traditions the real date is Sydreech Syreedich Onthunder Mastoo, and right about tea-time at that!

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Notes on Dates JAE system

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