Named Magic Swords

Sword 3According to the Codex Suda the naming of magical swords has long been an important tradition in the World of Eralfast. The swords were used as a signet or symbol of power; they are regarded as more important than crowns in any claims of regality or royal sovereignty. (This is true in Elvish, Dwarvish and Human cultures, historically.)

History of Magic Swords on Eralfast
The first known magic swords to be named, were forged by the Gray Elves of Cymmidor Ky’Cymaecae and dedicated only for protection against evil forces. Most of the ancient swords of Cymmidor have been lost to history, but Doruth noted the wizard Mifindril claimed that over 50 were created before the First Age. Drow Elves were still living on the surface at this time, and took particular interest in the forging techniques at Cymmidor. Many of the magic secrets were freely taught and shared among all the Elvish races (except the Wild breeds and the Snow.) With the discovery of Minnorenn Mithril, the practice was perfected with aid from the Dwarves of Knorick. Working hand and hand the elves and dwarves forged the most powerful magical swords known to the world. According to the Suda this partnership produced around 200 weapons of various shape and size (including some magical battle axes and hammers as Dwarfs prefer.) Most of the magical swords from this era were produced in the early years at the dawn of the First Age. (123 JAE.) Sword 1

The Ginelliad and the War of the Elves
The major swords of power – the ‘3’ were made in 127 JAE. Delidor was given as a gift to the early humans of Norvaal, who were elf-friends and allies with the Twin Peaks of Minnorenn (the human Colondorian King, Jarus Killdane, had particularily impressed the elves with his brave tactics in the First War of Avarda – also known as the – to most elves – as the first battle of War of the Elves.) Rhashanne was secretly cursed by Drow spies and demons when it was made. It was stolen by the Drow Princess/Sorceress Thava’Lyrtha in 130 JAE – thus starting the catastrophe that eventually led to the Drow retreating to live under the earth. The final major sword of power was never identified by Doruth.

Mifindril (before he left for the East) said he could only remember that it was ‘female’ and would not punish any elf of any race, regardless of their crimes or deeds. She had the mark of the bellafleur so says the Codex. “the blue flower” … the 3 major swords of power are sometimes called the Triaffemy or the Ginelliad (which is the rare 3 petaled blue sea flower found only in the isles on the Great Sea, and also the heraldry of the flag of Cymmidor and the Gray Elves who still bear that crest.) Eight slightly lessor swords were also smythed at Cymmidor in the early First Age. They are called the Amaelliad. Most have been lost to antiquity. It is believed the Drow cursed or betrayed the magical intent of several of the Amaelliad as well.
Sword 2

Humans eventually also learned to make enchanted weapons. Swords being the most common. The tradition of naming swords is closely tied to royalty and claims of office. All swords of significant power were decorated with runes, crests or designs to signify name and origin. Lessor magic swords are not named. (Usually if a sword is named it has at least +3 magic and/or other abilities.)

(known) … Shards are hidden after Hollyhook.
Argyle – “The Arergile” (human c.t.) Demon Slayer. God Slayer. Created by the Gods. Argyle
The Sword of Kas
(unknown location) Created by the Lich King Vecna.
The Sword of Telelequin
(unknown location) Created by Elves at Cymmidor before the First Age.
(unknown but rumoured to exist)

The Three Major Swords of Power
1 Delidor – “Righteous Tongue”
2 Rhashanne – “Fire”
3 (sister sword . . . ?) – sometimes called “blue flower” in legend.

Secondary ‘Minor’ Swords of Power
Also created by the Elves of Cymmidor and the Dwarves of Minnorenn in the Early First Age.
1 Astra (last held by King Peragon before the Fall of Falamaar – unknown to history, lost)
2 Brayden
3 Lith
4 Nargus (In the hands of the Wood Elf Sireon of Ky’La Forest)
5 Rinpoche (last held by Zalen Grable – unknown to history, lost on the Eastern Seas?)
6 Scarlett
7 Theora (Elf-slayer, Elfbane, ‘She who Hates’ – lost in War of the Elves, location unknown)
8 Volya (Known to be in Drow hands)

Major Swords Of Human Origin
1 Maven Forged in EAllysia (JAE 1-986?)The fire of Rashanne melted the mithril. “Daughter of Rhashanne” Maven is considered a great evil and is cursed. (location unknown to history)
2 Fythanaar The Frost Tongue. Sword of the present ‘King’ of Nelsgaard, Beryn (who is around seven years old).

Others … (always ‘other’ in such tales)

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Named Magic Swords

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