Journal of Lurna Part Two

41 11 2JAE

I have been remiss in my duties as scribe, but I’m not longer so charged. My Teacher Mira says I am free. I should be paid better coin. But Neos discharged me, at least formally in his language. I but I write this anyway. Not for hope of coin. I just write it.

I can Mira (myrthur?) I cannot see to spell her name – yet at times she refers to herself as ‘Lurna’ ? I am Lurna. I am Lurna of Tithus and there is no other. There is no other Mira either. And no other Freida with the pretty pink hair. so much has changed in so little time. Or too much time! We wait and wait in this stupid Harpy home. Days have turned into weeks. I want to go home. I can almost smell it. The rains and the rivers. The mountains and the wood. It cries HOME. and yet we wait and wait. Master Neos goes back to town – to learn secrets and buy stupid things. Neos even buys a real woman! A living mortal flesh human to cook and warm him. They call her ‘Luka’; I hate her. But Mira gives me a warm cape and boots for the mountains. I like that. I like Mira best.

Before, in City Jerlon, They explored the inner walls of the Temple of Zoos .. the lower … Desmerelda gave me a magic tie so no one can see me. I followed them on the second journey. They said no but I did. I don’t like the Zoos people either. They are stupid. The party meets two Barghests in the mines below Jerlon. Mean ones. I did help Master Neos who was injury. Everyone kept sleeping! I know they can see me too. They wave their fingers in my face. They said in to me without my ears they know I am little. And says you are little too. You will die today – and they all died. I learned even for me, Mercy is weakness. I have many teachers in this world. They are dead forever now. Wild spirits … I would have taken them home instead, let them flit and live more here, but yes, I am still too little. and they are both dead now forever

So many companions have died I cannot name them. Travelers who journied with us. Connor the Ranger man is dead. The preist is dead .. Dead ! I did not see but they said he was killed by his own hands. I don’t understand. They spoke of mirrors and magic. An errant knight with a good horse died. Tor is dead. A bastard named Jeros Rivers is dead – a bad servant to a heartless human lord – Master Neos saved Jeros .. but he died anyway just like Tor. I fear for the masters’ servants and I am glad I am not one of them anymore. ,. I didn’t like Jeros but I never touched his eyes. A big orc man too. Strong strong and tall. He hide his face in armour – but I liked his face. I liked him best when he killed Sir Price in the ruins of Rodway Keep. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t afeared of the orc man – but he was half blood like me. I trusted him that much. He is dead now too. And a dwarf. A drinking smelly ugly dwarf. I never trusted him. But he didn’t have to be dead. the stupid lord human man Oar-Tin they saved in the rubble got mad too and left. I was in a tree and saw it all. not even Mira said a word – nor any drunk dwarf man .. a bear crept up slowly and tried to eat the Oar knightlord and hurte him really badly too. so they killed the bear and I watched. and Oar-Tin got mad and left everyone. i never seen anyone hurte so bad that still just rode away. they talk of him and I think he is probably dead too. Everyone is dead – but Mira and Master Neos. they all died – and it rained wet and hard; it rained and rained.

They played with magic cards. A fighter man could not defeat death and thus died. Neos lost his magic. The half-orc vanished and did never return. I did ride with Mira to hunt a trog. Mira killed it in a muddy lair by the river. I liked that. I liked that she took me with her for that jouney. Mira was the only one the magic cards blessed.

Freida is dead! I saw her die. Dear strange lady pink hair and her proud blood all wasted by a Harpies talons. she sayed 777 people of human newplace ‘colondor’ or something. It seemed important to her. I never cared or understood all that. They were kind enough to burn her body. I saw that too. She melted slowly – like wax on a low steady flame .. bits popped and dripped but they never turned her as a cook would a suckling pig. so she just burned but she was already dead so it was good they said. I would never touch her eyes. i didn’t touch any of our friends eyes …

but on the road before I did Those of House Burdeen … some stupid human knight and his footmans … they burned him up too. Neos did with oil .. but Mira breathed FIRE !! They let some live to run. And lady pink hair feels bad the humans are dead. She is human. I guess they do that sometimes. So she leaves to confess. They don’t kill her but the Harpy does it.

We saw Gray Riders. The ‘Malavool’ .. they carry lies of humans. But even Mira did not cross them. A mummer with illusion called ‘the great alfonzo’ did join the party. I like his tricks. He stands back like Neos did but Alfonzo made the footman see fire and darkness. he also helped to make children dance at Halfway Falls when he present his magic show to the little human people.

This hill country and river river river. Bugs and bites and Rain rain rain… then bugs and bites. (I tell my story out of order but try to be true …) We – They … another man came to greet us. An elf man druid. “naracaw” ? … he talked to the horses ! He asked the plants spring up and grab people and they Did It! I liked it when he made the bandit man of the staff burn inside his armour. I took the bandit eyes. I took all the eyes that day.

we finally reach a ferry and no one will cross it. wild bandits and death death died dead dead .. and many many eyes .. yes. … the Great Bridge of Milstone! And we finally cross it. and the wait in towers. The harpy lady Alson (maybe?) … she is dead. I saw her die. She ‘inspected’ me and I new her look. an evil look … a bad mother. I am glad they killed her. I cut out her eyes.

I tried to feed the magic water to the little mouses just like Mira and the Drewed said. I tried. I’m glad they killed Lady Alson Harpy .. she was very bad girl.

In the second tower were two stupid girls and liars. And an ugly wizrd Knome. he had a terrible Pet – a flightless bird as tall as a 20 year-tree … and a talking Bear ! (we are getting closer to home, aren’t we? !) ……. so they said this Phizogg Knome was bad for taking the girls. They were lacey girls. All human high talk and stupid. I tried to be friends anyway, but the snowy one called me a bastard half breed so I slapped her hard upon her stupid face.

And i was much afeared when a giant bear did come upon me. I ran away … i used Desmerelda’s magic to vanish. The bear took me to the grass. “Am I to die? That isn’t what the blue kat said at the Jerlon shore. ?” I thought I would die too like everyone else. The bear was too big and too strong! But it did not kill me. I know my friends came for me. Mira my teacher aimed bow and had words. Our new friends came too.

They killed the magic Knome and his great bird. They offered him foolish quarter .. he did not yield. He answered fire with fire and blade with blunt but strong magic shooting stars. I wondered if he would find me with his bear. but they killed him. he is dead the Knome is dead. they burned him too and the bear ripped him up. I took his eyes. I didn’t keep them .. i just cut them out. It is easier to cut out the eyes of someone if they haven’t been cooked first. they are softer and wet .. eyes .. on fresh dead. if you burn them up first the eyes get harder on the outside but the inside is syrupy.

We are stuck in another wasted tower now. A Knome wizrd tower they call ‘Talon’ …. and I know Lily Geneen and Rose Red but they don’t remember me at all. But I remember them. We are not so young to not remember things. They are stupid. They are weak. I won’t hurt them. But I won’t let them hurt me either. And they have a bear. Well not really a bear. The valley elf gave him Lady Alson’s magic water and he turned into a prince of some where. I still don’t like him but he is kind of pretty. he looks like a prince . he can see through my veil just as he could when he was a bear. but i no these girls (snow white and rose red) – they just want to go home too just like I do. I know how they feel. They should go home too. Home. HOME. We should all go HOME.

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Journal of Lurna Part Two

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