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Present Time
The ‘Golden City of the West’ now lies mostly in ruins after the final throws of the God Wars Once known for its spectacular walls and towering fortifications, Jerlon is now a smoldering wreck of its’ former glory. Three of the four high walled defenses collapsed inward destroying the citys’ edge and causing great loss of life.

Recent History
Ruled majestically (if not sternly) for generations by the mysterious High Lord Carmichael and his consort SyVeel “The Black Queen,” (both confirmed dead) – the city has drifted into chaos and suffering. Years of warfare with Allysia ended in truce about 3 years ago with the approach of the Red Lands from the east, and the general human and humanoid reconciliation that was spurred during the darker hours of the diety war. The City of Jerlon was no exception to the mass suffering as the days of upheaval and dread engulfed most of the known world. Pestilence, disease, undead horrors, and other signs of darkness preceded the great storms before the Octagon shards were fully recovered. While peace and light have been restored, the great suffering and rebuilding of the world has just begun. The walls of the great city fell only days before this recent history was scribed. Most of the missing are feared dead, but the occassional miracle of children or the infirm drawn from the rubble makes local circuits from the few active criers and guards. The pitieous sounds of crying trapped survivors have all but ceased. The city is an open tomb … the smell of decaying flesh repells even the most hearty or nimble hero. Rats, flies, and packs of wild dogs roam the war torn streets with impunity. Worse still, rumours abound of creeping undead sickness still lingering among the lost. The priests insist it isn’t spreading … the Oracles seem to agree, calling the walking dead ‘debris’ … lingering empty vessels. They urge the dead and undead alike to be gathered, seperated, and burned. Much work must be done in the aftermath of such utter destruction. Food shortages are expected.

Located upon 3 major trade routes, the delta area near the city proper has been an important crossroads for several centuries. Built upon a high plain over-looking the Valley roads, the River Jerlon, and the Bay of Lytelle (on the Western Sea) Jerlon became a natural center of commerce for many kingdoms, tribes and riverfolk collectives.

For unknown reasons, Jerlon has been the birthplace and home-city to many of the world’s most accurate and respected seers and oracles. From time immemorial, gifted soothsayers and sybils have made Jerlon their home. Host to many temples and cathedrals, the “Golden City” was world renowned for its unique cultural unions of faith and spirituality. Albeit most theocratic alliances involved only humans, (often in company with trade merchants and guild families) many peoples of divers cultures, national origins, and creed worked in harmony since the early foundation of the city. Traders from the northern forests and mountains, and the river folk (of varying sylvan or dwarvish blood were often greeted as friends.)

In recent generations (about 100 years by memory) all non-human visitors, while welcome to an extent, were only allowed access to certain ‘approved’ trading market areas, the wharf district, and the Adventurer’s Quarter.

Politics of note:
The practice of slavery – esp. bondage of Lizard Folk was recently lifted as declared by Sir George Cayhill of Free Shrindell to the north. This has been contradicted by the Proclamation of Norviet declaring a restoration of the Old Order of Carmichael’s Jerlon ‘Empire.’ There is some confusion about this among the common folk. Many feel a king would be helpful in the troubled times, others value their new found freedom and object to any royal claims of stewardship.

General chaos and ruin seem to be the order of the day. There are citizen committees and various adventurers who survived the carnage of the catacylism trying to restore order. Factions have broken out in short order. Looting, rape, murder, and general mayhem rules the once orderly and beautiful streets.


  • Population: 25,000 survivors {est?} many have fled – most are leaving – (down from over 300,000 in the past few weeks)
  • Race:(Primary) Human
  • Race: (Secondary) Various – Hobbits, Lizard Men, Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves (Other travelers)
  • Leader: There is currently no leader of the City of Jerlon. The Lord Eustace Moray is attempting to gain control of the ruined city in the name of King Alver of Norviet
  • Resources: Major trade port for the western sea. Along the Jerlon River trade route also.
  • Notable Landmarks/Institutions:
    “Adventurer’s Quarter”
    Shrine of Zeus
    “Oracle Beach” – western edges AKA: Oraclerest …. a popular local name * Those Oracles who have survived speak visions of a world restored … their message of hope and peace among all mortal peoples (and races) brings some comfort to the shocked and huddled masses. Still, these masses must eat.

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