High Elf

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High Elves

General Information:
High Elves are the most ‘common’ of the uncommon Elvish races in the world of Eralfast. High elves tend to be very proud of their identity as the leading force of ‘Elfkind’ on the world. They tolerate the minor races but tend to feel they are superior and also the caretakers of true Elvish tradition. Their insistance on superiority has been profoundly disrupted with the death of their major diety in the God Wars
High elves vary in appearance related to their location. Similar to humankind, they have adapted over millenia to environmental conditions. Some High elves are thus lighter than others, some have a more tanned skin. They also speak in different dialects from the core Elvish language of Findar. (Findar is the common tongue among all elves, excluding Drow and Snow elves.) High elves frequently are communal and create large collectives and cities. They prefer to live near running water and forests but not necessarily IN the forest or the water as other elves do. They are excellent builders and designers, known around the world for the most beautiful cities and fortresses. They frequently will adapt structures to the landscape. It is not uncommon to see High elves living in elaborate structures built into trees, mountain sides, islands, or inside waterfalls. They integrate well with humankind and are the most trusted of Elvishkind among the human peoples. High elves are very disciplined and have been known to raise mighty armies when needed. They also practice magic in traditional Elven form (including a few exclusive spells and powers – see DM for details.)

Geographical Information:
As mentioned above they live almost anywhere but do adapt to the surrounding area. High elves have several prominent world cities. They are: Rassen-Gaarth, Iseynwuld, and Fayryl.

With the recent death of Corrilian, the major godhead of their spiritual foundation, the High Elves have been troubled and badly shaken regarding religious practice and influence. The gods Freya and Apollo have offered friendly emmisaries to assist the High elves regarding spiritual matters – these dieties and lessor Elvish gods and goddesses have all empowered former Corrilian preists and clerics with spell casting abilities. The High elves are adapting to the new order and are still deeply shocked and wounded over the death of their ‘king’ god Corrilian. There is talk of just leaving this world forever. Some High Elves have already left.

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High Elf

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