God Wars

According to the oracle Pherekydes the ‘god wars’ have generally been waged in the outer-planes for millennia. The God Wars of Eralfast were unique in that many major dieties entered the Prime Plane to engage in combat. Gods cannot be killed on the Prime Plane but can be banished if brought to zero hit points. The banishment lasts 100 years JAE. The term ‘God Wars’ is relatively new to Eralfast and has many different names in many different races and cultures. Ragnarock is a common term used in the JAE territories but it is inaccurate as true Ragnarock would be the utter destruction of everything in existance. But, as you shall read, the gods gave it their best shot. The battles may indeed have escalated to that scale had not the Octagon sealed so many Astral and Etheral travel routes.

In the crush of battle several dieties brought war unto the Outer-Planes and even followed one another to their native Astral Realm where a god can be destroyed and killed. In the terrible Ragnarock of Eralfast several dieties were permanently destroyed and are forever gone from all existance. The oracle Pherekydes has listed the following:

Gods who died in Eralfast Ragnarock

Corellon Larethian – major Elvish god
Durindor – lessor Dwarf god
Demuis – a minor human god
Asmodeus – major Devil
Osirus – major human god
Silvanus – major human/sylvan/elvish god
Pelor – sun god – major human god
Yenaughoo – gnoll god – lessor demon lord
Gruumsh – orc god – major
Hextor – major god of evil
Bast – lessor human and cat goddess (
unconfirmed )
Kakalaiki – lessor human goddess
Persephone – lessor human goddess
Frey – major human and elf god
Gunnar – major dwarf god
Hatchimon – major human god
Fenris – ‘wolf’ a major evil god-like creature (
unconfirmed )
Tyco – lessor human goddess
Orcus – major demon lord (
unconfirmed )
Leto – minor demi-goddess, human
Sif – minor goddess, human & dwarf
Nike – lessor goddess, human (
unconfirmed )
Belial – major demon lord (
unconfirmed )
Metel – minor gnomish goddess
Aradol – lessor elvish god

It is estimated over 15 million (15,000,000) minions, minor and lessor, and demi-gods, demons, angels, etc… were also lost. The ones listed above had some influence on Eralfast. (The death count of mortal lives lost is near unthinkable – but of all the prime planes caught up in the war 100’s of millions were killed. 7 out of 10 died on Eralfast alone.)

The death and carnage was extremely bad. Gods, Devils, Demon-Lords and other Outer Planar creatures engaged in immortal combat. These battles did not only damage or ruin most of the surface of Eralfast but some Prime worlds were destroyed outright and blasted into the nether. Many fabulous palaces (including the palace of Olympus) saw battle and were heavily damaged. Several stars were destroyed and knocked from the heavens. Many surviving dieties were ‘killed’ on visiting planes and thus banished.

Banished gods cannot provide spell power for clerics or preists until the 100 years have passed. Banished gods CAN communicate via oracles on the world of Eralfast.

Known Banished Gods

Loki – major human god
Dispator – major devil lord
Demigorgon – major demon lord
Nemea – a lessor human goddess
Hebe – a major human goddess
Tyr – a major human god
Recuheruu – a minor demon lord
Naston – a lessor demon lord

It is assumed this number will increase . . .

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God Wars

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