Doruth's Codex Suda

Cc codex 44The Codex Suda (compiled by Philexi Doruth beginning early in the Second Age JAE and continued by the Bards of Doruth in Allysia) is the most important collection of knowledge known to exist in Eralfast. The multi-volume work is the basis for most of the writing found in this information listed – as transcribed by our humble scribe. Many of the entries entitled “Local Charm” are stories taken from the Codex Suda – dates and sources have been added when available; the Suda is unquestioned, but still, some myths, legends and personages found within cannot be confirmed, and may be the result of local superstitions and old wives tales.

Doruth of Ellysia was of half-elf (High) background and lived over 400 years starting near the end of the First Age. He collected and transcribed seemingly endless bits of ephermia and histories from all over the world. His collection became known as the Codex Suda. Only 4 complete editions of the Codex are believed to exist. The 4 libraries are kept in City Ellysia, City Colondor, City Zinalbe, and the Intellectual Palace of Kasumna the Titan (northern Jerlon.) The condition of the Codex Suda Colondor is unknown as of this writing, and is feared destroyed as the great war did essentially level the City and Cloud Castles of Colondor.

History of Codex Suda

Doruth, and his subsequent followers dedicated their lives to restoring, compiling and adding to the Codex Suda. Found within the known 44 compendiums (and growing) are many legends, tales, histories, magical notations and formula, information on creatures, gods, demonology, the outer planes, and the various era’s kingdoms and heroes in the history of the world. The texts are considered invaluable sources of wisdom, secrets and other useful information. The Codex Suda is jealously guarded and protected. Few common adventurers or even heroes and influencial leaders are allowed access to the great library. The ‘book monks’ (Bards of Doruth’s Order) keep an underground library in the city of Ellysia, where they have worked tirelessly for over 2,000 years to protect and verify the information found in the Codex.

Player Characters (and NPC’s and others) may occassionally find snippets of transcribed wisdom and spells from the Codex proper. This knowledge is highly prized by Bards, Spell Casters and Explorers. Here are some samples of useful compendia from the Codex Suda – specific research would require both access (extremely rare) or extant and accurate transcriptions.

Codex Suda (verbatum – transcribed eratta & inside information)
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The Suda is a HUGE library of knowledge and will be updated and added to as time permits. It would be impossible to list all its’ contents here, as it consists of literally millions of pages as saved by the Bards of Doruth. This is but a tiny sample of the knowledge found within.

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Doruth's Codex Suda

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